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Yoga Therapy Sessions

What makes Yoga Therapy unique?

Yoga itself is therapeutic, but "yoga therapy" is much different than "yoga as therapy." In yoga therapy, you are viewed as a holistic being where body, mind, and spirit are connected, and the therapist designs sessions specifically for you. Yoga Therapy views individuals holistically, connecting body, mind, and spirit.

Clients may seek out Yoga Therapy as a way to heal from a specific condition, on the physical level or on the psycho- emotional level. Yoga therapy is an excellent way to compliment another form of therapy such as physical therapy or counseling.  


What can I expect in a session? 

A brief questionnaire submitted via email will give the YT more detailed information. On the first session, the YT would most likely assess your physical body, posture and breath. The YT will make some recommendations to facilitate balance in your life, help to design a home practice or educate on some ways to modify specific poses.  Subsequent sessions include a blend of many disciplines: Ayurveda (the sister-science of Yoga), anatomy/physiology as it relates to movement and posture, Western medical knowledge/research (within the scope of practice) and the ancient art and science of Yoga.

Who benefits from Yoga Therapy? 

Everyone can benefit, but especially if you have a condition you are struggling with: muscular tension or weakness, stress, anxiety, grief, chronic pain, etc. The YT is a guide for your own healing.

Individuals that feel uncomfortable in a group class for any reason, or individuals that are struggling to create a home practice would also benefit from a YT’s guidance. Some clients are looking for a way to create balance in their lives, and some are interested in specific guidance on how yoga asana (posture), pranayama (breath), and dhyana (meditation) can impact their overall well-being.

Yoga for a specific condition

Yoga Therapy views Yoga as a journey of self-awareness that has the ability to balance the mind, body and spirit. Yoga Therapy implements techniques that help improve the lives of individuals facing physical or emotional health challenges. This may include working towards a particular spiritual, psychological or physical goal. Yoga Therapists believe all beings have the ability to realize their inherent wholeness, and that Yoga is a conscious path of healing and discovery that leads us home to our beautiful, unique Self.

Yoga has been practiced with therapeutic intention for thousands of years. More recently in history, Yoga Therapy has become its own field. Gaining visibility and respect among traditional Western health care practitioners (such as physical therapists, mental health professionals and primary care physicians), it is not uncommon for the health practitioners to recommend Yoga to improve health and wellness. A Certified Yoga Therapist (CYT) has the attained highest level of Yoga training and draws from an extensive body of knowledge to create therapeutic programs for individuals and groups.


Yoga therapy varies from a traditional yoga class or yoga session in that:

  1. The yoga therapist does not just teach yoga “to” the client (in a pre-determined sequence), but guides the sessions based on the clients’ needs.
  2. Clients are guided & empowered by a trained yoga therapist to heal themselves using yogic techniques.
  3. Clients often seek out yoga therapy to manage a physical or mental/emotional condition.
  4. Yoga therapists/therapeutic teachers can help clients create a home yoga practice and develop lifestyle routines to help manage particular physical, mental/emotional condition.
  5. Yoga therapists/therapeutic yoga teachers are trained to collaborate with other health professionals (physical therapists, doctors, psychotherapists, etc), when necessary to provide a team-approach.

Participating in yoga therapy or therapeutic yoga helps clients experience and understand the relationships between the levels of our being (mind/body/spirit) at a much deeper and personal  level.




3 SESSION PACKAGE:          $285

5 SESSION PACKAGE:          $450

10 SESSION PACKAGE:        $850

Yoga Therapy - Infinity Holistic Wellness & Yoga