Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath: What’s In It for Me?

By Liz Mandeville

Certified Yoga of Sound Healer

Liz Mandeville

You may have heard about our monthly Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Baths and wondered,

“Is this experience for me? What are these Crystal Singing Bowls?”  And, “What benefit would I gain from taking a monthly Sound Bath?”

The short answer is YES! The bowls offer a wonderful, pleasant, non-invasive treatment you can do in an hour. It’s like a massage for your spirit. You want to be more relaxed, de-stress, look and feel better? Then a monthly Sound Bath is definitely for you.

For a more in-depth answer to these questions first we have to start with you. Your body is a unique Bio-sphere, a system of vibrations, tuned to your own frequency like a radio station. When properly tuned, you vibrate at a pleasant and efficient hum. When out of tune you are more likely to suffer from static.

Like the Bio-sphere, planet Earth, you are about 70% water and are subject to the influence of other body’s vibrations influencing, harmonizing with and in some cases disrupting yours. The purpose of Sound Healing is to tune up your Bio-sphere, put you back in balance and help you feel energized.

“We are spirits in the material world.” In Yogic philosophy, our material bodies are animated by Prana, (the Sanskrit word for "life force") which drives our Chakras, (the Sanskrit word for wheel) our seven main engines. The Prana energy is moving inside your body. It follows a path that starts at the base of your spine and travels up and down, rotating through the seven main energy wheels or Chakras, (or engines) in your torso and head.

Each of the seven Chakras power a different aspect of your life. Each are associated with a different color. That color’s vibration follows the spectrum from the Root Chakra (red) to the Crown Chakra (white). Similarly, each Chakra also has a musical note or tonal vibration that corresponds to it as well. When you are disturbed your Chakras react by opening or closing, the energy spins too fast or too slow or it becomes blocked and doesn’t flow at all.

The world we live in is filled with vibrations of every sort, from those we can sense to those invisible waves such as radio, TV, micro-waves or those that power our cell phones.  Some vibrations are beneficial, such as the calming rhythm of waves breaking on a peaceful shoreline. Others are disruptive, like the blaring rhythm of a siren, the strident tones of an argument or the constant hum of your air-conditioner. The constant stress of daily urban living takes its toll on your psyche as well as your body.

But the act of lying in a meditative state while being bathed in the pure tone that corresponds to each Chakra allows your Chakra to balance itself with its own sympathetic vibration. This allows your energy to once again move fluidly through your body. The benefits of that include a more relaxed attitude, more energy for your daily life, you release stress and energy blocks, you feel better and you will age more slowly.

Tibetan llamas and Indian Yogis have known for centuries the benefits of meditating with vibrational instruments such as singing bowls, bells and gongs. Meditating with a singing bowl in your hand sends vibrations through your body that are relaxing and beneficial. Traditionally, singing bowls are made of a blend of metals. Their voices are soft and intimate.

In the 1970’s, some unknown genius came up with the idea of using quartz crystal to create singing bowls. These bowls, tuned to a specific musical note, have the laser focusing property of quartz crystal. The percentage of your body that’s not water is a mix of silica, just like the quartz crystal. These like properties, your body and the crystal bowl, resonate with each other just like the tones produced by them resonate to tune your corresponding Chakra.

The Crystal Singing Bowls sing with voices so huge and compelling that they can cause a quantum shift in people in the proper mental state to receive it. This is why I start every Crystal Singing Bowl session with a guided meditation. This helps you reach an Alpha level of consciousness. That is a state where your brain waves are slowed and your ability to engage with the directed vibration from the crystal in healing and consciousness expansion is enabled. When that energy is directed with intention, and focused with quartz crystal, the intention is multiplied and the effect is amazing!

I use Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls when I conduct a Sound Bath. I have a range of bowls tuned through the scale from C to B, each bowl made to correspond to a particular Chakra. I love the quality of the sound these bowls produce because it fills the space, surrounding and enveloping everyone present.

Are you new to Yoga? A Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath requires no training or prior experience. It’s suitable for people of all fitness levels.  As the participant, you are lying in a comfortable passive state. If desired, you can be supported by bolsters, pillows and blocks. You may use a blanket or cover your eyes. We start with rhythm from a Native American drum that accompanies my calming, guided meditation. The beat I use helps your subconscious mind prepare, so you can get the most out of the experience. I also use other sonic instruments to compliment the experience such as tuning forks, crystal instruments and Kalimba. 

What can you expect when having a sound bath? People have different experiences. Some see colors. I believe this is a response from the Chakra clearing and opening to its proper frequency. Your eyes will be closed, but the inner light show is compliments of your own energy, happily balancing itself.

People have described feeling weightless, like they are floating or flying. Advanced meditators may experience altered states of reality, receive wisdom from the Prana. Some people have received messages or seen dreamlike visions. You’ll have the experience your body needs and that you’re ready for.

When we release the stress and disharmony that’s been weighing us down and move beyond thought our consciousness is free and that is where healing can begin. You deserve bliss.