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Private Yoga Sessions

Private yoga sessions are 75 minutes in length. Infinity teachers will provide necessary yoga equipment for each session. Infinity can also create individualized packages tailored to specific needs. 

great for beginners!

Don't feel ready for a yoga class yet? Private yoga sessions are a great way to receive individualized attention and learn technique and postures. 

Couples or small group yoga

Couples find an private yoga class as a fun and healthy way to connect and spend time together. Also, we often get requests for groups of friends who enjoy practicing yoga together who would like a more personalized practice.


In-Home Yoga

Experience yoga in the privacy of your home

Many of the teachers at Infinity  travel to provide private yoga sessions individualized private yoga sessions. Many clients are surprised at how little amount of space is needed to have a yoga practice right in their home. The convenience of in-home sessions is a great way to have a knowledgeable yoga teacher attend to your unique needs and goals. Couple and small group rates can be offered if you would like to include your partner or a few friends.


What to Expect in a Session

Before your first session, you will complete a questionnaire for your yoga teacher to review. This will give your yoga teacher valuable background information about you and will save time during your first session. Your teacher will meet you where you are; if you are a total beginner, private yoga is an excellent way to start a practice safely and gain confidence to later attend group classes.

Depending on what you want to work on, and what your reason is for seeking out private yoga, sessions can include any of the following: breath work (pranayama), meditation, yoga poses (asana), functional movement exercises, somatic movements, hands on adjustments, myofascial release, chanting, Yoga Nidra, or discussion/ reflection.

Some people only do 1-2 private sessions to get guidance about a specific issue related to their yoga practice, and some people work with their yoga teacher or yoga therapist regularly for many years. Your yoga teacher can help you create an individualized home yoga practice and sustainable lifestyle routines for the time between sessions, or once sessions are complete.

Yoga Therapy is, put simply, yoga for a certain physical or mental/emotional condition, such as anxiety or back pain. Participating in Yoga Therapy can also help participants experience and understand the relationships between the levels of our being (mind/body/spirit) and integrate healing on a much deeper and personal level. Yoga Therapists are trained to collaborate with other health care professionals (physical therapists, mental health professionals, primary care physicians), when necessary to provide a team-approach. You may read a little more about Yoga Therapy here.






3 SESSION PACKAGE:          $285

5 SESSION PACKAGE:          $450

10 SESSION PACKAGE:        $850

Is Private Yoga Right for Me?

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