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Marjorie Fradin

Marjorie has been teaching yoga since 2007 at gyms, studios, and community centers throughout Chicago and the North Shore. She is the graduate of Moksha Yoga’s 200 and 500 hour training programs and has trained with many other master teachers in the past decade. As a teacher, she conveys an understanding of each posture to each student, both physically and energetically, and adapts the posture to a student’s individual needs and limitations to allow for a challenging but safe practice, emphasizing quality over quantity. There is no needless repetition of asana but instead, a slow and mindful buildup to the heart of the class that encourages students to feel the pose in their bodies rather than relying on how they may look on the outside. Marjorie’s classes are fun, thought-provoking, and intended to teach both physical and energetic skills that her students can apply both on and off the mat.