Managing Pain with the

Mind-Body Connection

Facilitated by Michelle Grim

Cost: $35 Pre-registration / $40 at the door


Saturday February 2nd, 2019

1:30 PM - 3:30 PM

We often think of pain as an indication of physical damage to the body. But, in reality, pain is actually just a warning system of the potential for damage. The experience of pain is created to save us from injury, to keep us alive, and to encourage a change in behavior to save us from harm or further harm.  In this way, the pain system is actually a perceptual process, not a true indication of physical damage.

Although we might not realize it, the brain integrates the information taken in through the body and the mind to orchestrate our experience of pain. Pain then depends on the perception of threat taken in through these many inputs. For many of us, unfortunately, this means we experience pain chronically, and possibly without even a known source.

In this workshop, we will explore how pain happens in the body, and the ways we can alter our experience of it through giving our brain different inputs. Through movement, breath, and mindfulness practices, our brain can be taught that the warning system need not alarm.

Format: Lecture, experiential learning (which will include gentle movement and breath work), mindfulness practices, writing activity

Yoga in Chicago - Mind Body Connection

Michelle Grim

Michelle has been studying the human body since she was four years old (according to her parents, at least), when she was found studying her mother's "Grey's Anatomy" book hiding in the office closet. It was clear she was fascinated by the body, and that innate passion led her into the sciences, eventually pursuing a western medicine track of study. Michelle followed a focused course through college and into her master's level education, obtaining a Master's in Physician Assistant.

Michelle’s personal yoga practice began in 2002. The mind body practices she fell in love with on the mat led her into a 200 hour training with Core Power Yoga in 2009.  Beginning in 2016, she became intensely interested in experiences of physical and emotional healing she’d had during her personal practice and was fueled into a deep exploration of the philosophy of yoga and it's approach to the mind body connection. As a physician assistant and scientist at heart, a period of deep research began, and, within a year, she found herself studying the philosophy of yoga and its integrated approach to healing through an 800 hour yoga therapy certification program with Inner Peace Yoga. The training offered her the opportunity to study with teachers such as Maria Mendola, Nischala Joy Devi, Chinnamasta Stiles, Amy Weintraub, Neil Pearson, and Jai Dev Singh. She has since completed your RYT-500 hour training and continues to explore the therapeutic applications of yoga in an 800 hour course of study with Inner Peace Yoga Therapy.

Integrating both western medicine and the philosophy and practices of yoga has become an area of deep passion for Michelle.  She is committed to integrating these two worlds through education and direct experience. Allowing others to experience the mind body connection is the foundation of her teaching.