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Kirsten Higgins

Certified Yoga Therapist

Registered Yoga Teacher 500 hours - RYT-500


Kirsten has a unique background that gives her a wide lens while teaching classes or working with clients. She started practicing yoga while attending college, mostly as a means of dealing with fluctuations of anxiety and depression, and it impacted her so profoundly she knew she had to share it with others. In 2006, after just over a year of practicing yoga, she received a basic yoga certification and began teaching what she knew to fellow school teachers in a donation-based class after school. After several years working in schools, as first a P.E. teacher (pre-K-8) and then a special education teacher for students with autism (ages 11-23), she then found a niche working in adult fitness with special populations as a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor.


Since yoga first entered her life, she has continued to search for a deeper understanding of this ancient art and science. Her hunger for knowledge & yoga therapeutics led her to study a variety of styles of yoga, and eventually lead her to the decision to pursue Integrative Yoga Therapy’s intensive program to become a Certified Yoga Therapist. 

She has a deep commitment to being a lifelong student of yoga. Becoming a mother has helped her realize how our personal definition of yoga can change a great deal throughout different stages of our lives. Whether she is creating a creative vinyasa sequence, studying yoga philosophy, or teaching meditation, yoga continues to be a source of wisdom, solace, joy and connection.

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