Frank Mitchell - Yoga in Chicago

Frank Mitchell is an avid yogi, arts advocate and certified Kemetic Yoga Instructor. He has been practicing Bikram yoga for 4+ years and holds a certification in the Kemetic yoga tradition (accredited Yoga Alliance) with Yirser Ra Hotep who has been teaching the style for over 40 years on the south side of Chicago, Atlanta, New York, Jamaica and of course Egypt (Kemet) where the style takes its influence. 

The philosophic principles of Kemetic yoga place emphasis on sequences of geometric postures developed to rejuvenate the entire body and mind, While the postures are unique in themselves, this style of movement can be applied to all yoga systems,  This particular form is slower and more methodical than the traditional methods of yoga. By slowing down the movements, we put more emphasis on developing skills of patience and concentration, control of the breath, and of course the body.

“There is a subtlety and regalness to this practice of yoga concentrated on the breath and developing and channeling the internal energy that has roots in all African systems of healing”

Chicago Yoga Teacher - Frank Mitchell