Yoga Class Descriptions


Yoga Flow with Essential Oils

Fridays @ 12:05 - 12:50 PM (45 min)

This yoga practice is accompanied by natural oils designed to energize and restore. Breathe in the aroma while moving through a practice that fosters flexibility, strength, self-awareness and stress-release. Each practice will feature at least one essential oil diffusing into the studio space; students will also have the option to self-apply an oil topically on occasion. All experience levels are welcome.


Strength & Core Yoga

Fridays @ 10 AM (55 minutes)

Yoga isn't all stretching. For our body to function optimally, we must be in balance-- strong and flexible. Our "core," which includes our abdominal, back, side, and hip muscles, is the center of our body's universe. From a stable core, we can create healthy mobility in our extremities. In this class, you will also build strength in muscles supporting a healthy posture, as well as all of the major muscle groups. 

Beginners to yoga are welcome!! This is NOT "advanced" yoga. The only prerequisite is that you can get up and down from the floor. If you have any injuries or chronic conditions, please inform the instructor at the beginning of class.


Yoga for Energy

Mondays @ 12:05 PM (45 minutes)

Do you start the week “dragging your feet”? Better than a cup of coffee, this yoga flow class will give you the boost you need to tackle the week's responsibilities! Together, we will set intention for the week, move with our breath (invigorating but gentle enough so that a shower is not required afterwards), and practice energizing breath work so that we can step into the week calm, focused and ready for whatever life has in store! Only 45 minutes so you can still squeeze in your yoga practice on a Monday.

Comfortable clothing that allows for movement is optimal (dressing room located within the studio). Beginners to yoga and ALL are welcome.


Kemetic Yoga

Tuesdays @ 5:30 PM (60 minutes)

The philosophic principles of Kemetic yoga place emphasis on sequences of geometric postures developed to rejuvenate the entire body and mind, While the postures are unique in themselves, this style of movement can be applied to all yoga systems, This particular form is slower and more methodical than the traditional methods of yoga. By slowing down the movements, we put more emphasis on developing skills of patience and concentration, control of the breath, and of course the body.

“There is a subtlety and regalness to this practice of yoga concentrated on the breath and developing and channeling the internal energy that has roots in all African systems of healing”


Yoga for Athletic Recovery

Thursdays @ 5 PM (60 minutes)

This class is designed specifically for athletes, although anyone wanting to work on flexibility or range of motion will also benefit from this class. NO previous yoga experience required! Tight shoulders... tight hips...tight hammies? Bring it on. You won't be alone! Flexibility is not a requirement for a yoga practice, it is a product of a yoga practice.

Expect to do a mixture of myofacial release using therapy balls, "active" stretching, and "passive" stretching. Not only will this practice be relaxing, but it will also help to flush out lactic acid (which builds up in our bodies during exercise) to decrease muscle soreness. Complete this practice with a short & simple guided meditation to help keep you stay focused on your goals, breathe more effectively, and ultimately achieve your personal highest potential-- in your workouts & in your life.


Yoga Basics

Tuesdays @ 9:30 AM (60 minutes)

For beginners, yogis re-entering their practice after a hiatus, or experienced yogis wanting to break down the "how" and "why" of yoga postures & breathing techniques. 

Comfortable clothing that allows for movement is optimal (dressing room located within the studio). ALL are welcome.


Yin Yoga for Stress Relief

Wednesdays @ 12:05 PM (45 minutes)

Yin yoga is done completely on the floor. Together, we will release tension from the places we most often hold stress in our bodies: shoulders, neck, upper back and/ or lower back with longer held stretches and breath work.  We will practice breathing techniques that help reduce the bodies stress response (“fight or flight”). 

Comfortable clothing that allows for movement is optimal (dressing room located within the studio). Beginners to yoga and ALL are welcome. There will be no getting up and down from the floor within the practice, and chairs are available for assistance if needed. 


Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Mondays 5:15-6:15 PM (60 minutes)

Tuesdays 8:15-9:15 AM (60 minutes)

Wednesdays @ 2 PM (60 minutes)

Vinyasa simply means "to move with breath." You will build strength, flexibility & balance while flowing with your breath--a meditation in motion. Expect more than to "work out" here, but to also "work in." 

All levels are welcome. Please wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement.


Candlelight Yoga

Wednesdays @ 6:30 PM (75 minutes)

Pause and unwind from the busy week and relax your mind and body with this deeply rejuvenating candle lit yoga class. The instructor will adjust to the needs of the class, but you can expect to move gently with your breath (vinyasa yoga),  then practice some longer holds and deeper stretches (yin  or restorative yoga). Guided meditation and breath work (pranayama) will be included in the class to give you a well-rounded, relaxing practice. You will increase your flexibility, reduce stress, and boost immunity in this 75-minute long, relaxing class. All levels are welcome!


Lunch Hour Yoga

Thursdays @ 12:05 PM (45 minutes)

Short on time & need to get back to work within the hour? No problem. This 45 minute class is perfect for you! Looking for an efficient way to release stress? Do you stare at a computer screen or sit all day? Is your body is asking for a mid-day dose of breath, movement and TLC? Leave with less aches and pains, feeling refreshed, and ready to sail into the second half of your day with focus. 

All levels are welcome. Bring or wear clothing that allows for movement. Changing room located inside of the studio.


Advanced Flow

Every first Thursday of the month @ 6:30-7:45 PM (75 minutes)

75-minute monthly class for those those that want to take their vinyasa yoga practice to the next level. Expect a class that includes arm balances, inversions, and deeper hip & shoulder openers. Well-planned sequencing will prepare your body for these postures, and instruction will focus on learning how to access these shapes in your own body. Leave your ego at the door, but don't forget to bring an open mind :-) 




Guided Meditation- $5 class!

Wednesdays @ 1 PM (30 minutes)

Fridays @ 11:05 AM (30 minutes)

This meditation practice is appropriate for beginners, intermediate and experienced meditators alike. Choose to practice this meditation comfortably seated or lying down while you are guided through your meditation by an experienced instructor.


Yoga Nidra/ "Yogic Sleep"

Tuesdays @ 12:05 PM (45 minutes)

The first 10 minutes of class will include a few stretches to gently “wring the body out” of tension from the first portion of the day. Then, we will set up for the practice of Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is a “yogic sleep,” that has many health benefits. It is practiced lying down on the floor, supported with bolsters, blankets or eye pillows so that the participant is as comfortable as possible. The goal of this extended guided meditation is to remain conscious while the body moves into a deep state of relaxation (and the subconscious mind takes over). Awake from this yogic sleep refreshed & rejuvenated.

Comfortable clothing that allows for movement is optimal (dressing room located within the studio). Beginners to yoga and ALL are welcome.


Sound Healing Meditation

Facilitated by Liz Mandeville

Cost: $25


Treat yourself to a relaxing and healing experience. While lying in a comfortable position on the floor and using an optional eye mask, Liz Mandeville will guide you on a sound journey using crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, shamanic drumming, and other various instruments. Sound baths are meant to facilitate a shift in your brain wave state, so that a deep state of meditation and internal healing can occur. This is perfect for beginning meditators that have not yet learned how to facilitate a shift in brain wave state on their own. More experienced meditators will find their ability to reach a theta state (deep meditation) or even a delta state (where internal healing can occur).


Women’s Insight Circle: Meditation, Reflection, Connection

Facilitated by Erica Bray

Cost: $25


Women have been gathering in circles since the beginning of time to share stories and find connection. But in this era of increased digital connection and noise, what sort of connection are we truly making with ourselves and others?

This monthly, in-person experience weaves together several mindfulness practices designed to inspire relaxation, reflection and dialogue around a theme relevant to our lives as women. Participants will be guided in a meditation and reflective writing, followed by a circle share rooted in indigenous traditions to inspire mindful listening and tap the collective wisdom of women in attendance.

Take a pause to find strength within ourselves and each other. Beginners to meditation and frazzled minds are welcome to join!

Each month will have a specific theme for the meeting.